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After studying silversmithing and jewellery at college, I worked for a jewellery repair business for two years. Then went to work for a small, but busy firm that made upmarket jewellery for independent retail jewellers, largely in London. The firm prospered, and I became more involved with the design and modelling of each new range year by year; making head designer by year four. I worked there for eight years in total. After which I moved to southwest Scotland with the aim of setting up a small craft workshop and selling directly to the public via the web. Selling directly to the customer, rather than selling thru galleries benefits both the customer and the maker, as galleries take quite a sizeable commission on each sale (normally at least 50% of the price the customer pays), meaning a higher initial price for the customer and a much reduced return the artist / craftsperson. Also, being web based means that I am not geographically rooted, and allows me the freedom to take the occasional break. It was on one such trip that I met my partner, and some time after moved myself and the workshop to Germany.

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I have tried to answer most commonly asked questions on the frequently asked questions page.

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For fun I recently set up the "Art & Craft Co-operative", a collaborative web site free to join for people interested in the arts and crafts.